Vol.3 Issue.1, June 2015


EviGenCHIP – a component of EBES

Ajay George

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Management of prolactinoma during pregnancy and postpartum

Lakhani Om J, Lakhani Rishma, Desai M, Tripathi S


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Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias

Sanjay Prakash

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Hs-CRP levels in patients with periodontitis- a cross sectional study

Shah M A, Shah B K, Modi B B, Shah E B, Dave D H


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Amelioration of cisplatin-induced hepatotoxicity by statins in rats

Maheshwari R A, Sailor G U, Sen A K, Balaraman R


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Comparison of accuracy of Root ZX II and Root ZX Mini in presence of various irrigants: an in vitro study

Vaid D S, Shan N C, Kothari D M, Bilgi P S


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Cutaneous lesions as marker of cryptococcal meningitis

Lakhani Som J, Lakhani Sucheta J, Raval R C, Bilimoria F E


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Conjunctivitis in one eye: Think of ophthalmomyiasis also

Kothari R N, Lakhani S J, Chhaya R K, Kothari D V R, Rana R, Patel K M


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Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia - A Case Report

Patel M, Mahajan R, Ninama K, Bilimoria F E


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