Vol. 3, Issue 2



Sattigeri BM, Desai SV

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SOFA vs APACHE II as ICU scoring system for sepsis: A dilemma.

Lakhani J D

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Socio-demographic factors associated with anaemia among adolescents in Hajipur village of Katihar district, Bihar

Rahman S, Alam M M, Khan M H, Juneja K

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Study of various prognostic factors for sepsis patients requiring intensive medical care with special emphasis on APACHE II score in prognostication

Pandya H, Pabani N, Shah K, Yadav R, Patel P, Raninga J

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Study of outcome of major depressive disorder treatment as per evidence based treatment protocol devised by department of psychiatry

Rawat R S, Kataria LR, Tanna KJ

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Mycetoma mimicking sexually transmitted infection

Lakhani Som, F E Billimoria

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Neuropsychiatric manifstation in patient having SLE 

Lakhani JD, Santosh Kumar, Shah KP, Rathod M, Shory N, Yadav L

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Doxorubicin induced reversible cardiomyopathy: A Case report

Tamakuwala K, Panchani  N, Gupta A, Rawal J

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An interesting case of Tuberous sclerosis

Roy A, Patel U, Patel P, Vyas D, Patel N

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