Vol. 5, Issue 1


Sickle Cell Disorder and their relation to Geographical location: - Relevance to malaria and comprehensive care programs at local and global level

Sucheta Lakhani, Niraj Pandit, Jitendra D. Lakhani

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Original Article

Central-line associated bloodstream infections at a tertiary care hospital

Chudasama CK, Sheta MM, Shah SI, Gediya US

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A clinical study of pleural effusion and their radiological, biochemical, bacteriological and cytological correlation

Khamar ND, Gohil PR, Thacker RN, Gediya US

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Role of USG and CT scan in evaluating ovarian lesions

Mayur Khandhedia, Kalpesh Patel

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Results of Distal femoral locking compression plate (DF-LCP) in supracondylar and intercondylar fractures of distal femur

Vaibhav Mohan Aterkar

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Study of Neonatal Outcome of NICU, Tertiary Care Hospital in rural area of Vadodara, Gujarat

Rasania Manish N, Modi Prashant M

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Prevalence and correlates of tobacco use among school going adolescents in a rural area of Himachal Pradesh, India

Sumit Chawla, Bharti Mehta, Nidhish Bhardwaj, Ajay Kumar Singh, Satish Kumar Aggarwal

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Seroprevalence of HIV, HBV, HCV & RPR in the cornea donor in the regional institute of ophthalmology

Patel MH, Patel AM, Shah AM

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Study of properties of explanted implant with view to reuse

Sethi Kailash, Golwala Paresh

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Case Report

Tendon Sheath Fibroma (FTS) arising from foot

Anirudh Bansal, Vikramjit Singh, Kailash Sethi, Ajay Mandloi

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A rare case of young stroke in 16 years old female with plasmodium vivax malaria infection

Gediya NU, Marvaniya MK, Parmar DA, Gediya US

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