Vol. 5, Issue 2

A curious case of pancreatic pseudo cyst masquerading as hydratid cyst: A case report

Arun Kumar Haridas1, Bharathi S Bhat*2

1HOD, 2Resident; Department of Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery, Dhiraj Hospital, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth, Piparia, Waghodia, Vadodara, Gujarat, India



We report a curious case of pseudo pancreatic cyst with retro peritonial pancreatico pleural fistula, with masquerading giant hydratid cyst. A 24 year old man, known alcoholic with history of recurrent pleural effusion was referred to our hospital with complaints of cough, breathless, right sided chest pain , fever and weight loss. Abdomino thoracic computed tomography showed thick walled fluid cyst in right hemithorax with multiple pseudo cysts of pancreas and calcified hydratid cyst in right lobe of liver. Patient had history of resection of hydratid cyst (20 x20cm) from liver 15 years ago. For present symptoms, patient had undergone multiple pleural fluid aspirations, which were inconclusive. The computer tomography scan could not confirm any pancreatico pleural fistula. The diagnosis was masked in view of no history of pancreatitis, history of hydratid cyst, and the computer tomography finding of thick walled fluid collection in right hemithorax.

Keywords: pseudo cyst, Pancreatico bronchial fistula pleural cyst, pleural effusion, hydratid cyst, pancreatitis