Vol. 4, Issue 2

Use of FNAC in Diagnosis of Microfilaria

Vertika Gupta*¹, Alka Dixit Vats2, Vishal Gupta3

1,2Professor, Department of Pathology, I.T.S. Dental College, Hospital & Research centre, Greater Noida (U.P.)

3Associate Professor, Deparment of Radiology, School of Medical Science & Research, Sharda University, Greater Noida (U.P.)



Extranodal filariasis occurs rarely and breast is an uncommon site for filariasis . The present case is of 23 yrs old female with a painless lump in the left breast involving upper outer quadrant. Provisional clinical diagnosis was Fibroadenoma, left breast. However, cytology smears showed clusters of degenerated ductal cells and several Microfilaria larvae. Thus, a definitive diagnosis of Filariasis, left breast was made. Patient was put on conservative treatment and recovery was uneventful. Therefore, simple yet effective mode of cytological diagnosis was able to avert an unnecessary biopsy/ lumpectomy in this patient.

Keywords : Filariasis, Breast Lump, FNAC(Fine needle aspiration cytology), Wuchereria bancrofti