Vol. 4, Issue 2

Extract of Euphorbia milii Flower: A Natural Indicator in Acid-Base Titration

Trivedi Divya K.1, Sureja Dipen K.*2, Sanghvi Kirtan P.3, Shah Ashish P.4, Seth Avinash K.5

1Student, 2Associate Professor, 3,4Assistant Professor, 5HOD; Department of Pharmacy, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth, Piparia, Waghodia, Vadodara, Gujarat, India


Introduction: Synthetic indicators had continuously been the first choice for all types of acid-base titrations since long time. However, due to certain disadvantages like high cost, availability problems and environmental pollution, an attempt is required to replace synthetic indicators with natural indicators.
Methods: Methanolic extract of Euphorbia milii flowers from family Euphorbiaceae were evaluated in different types of titrations like strong acid (SA) v/s strong base (SB), weak base (WB) v/s strong acid (SA), and weak acid (WA) v/s strong base (SB).

Results: Natural indicators gives sharp and intense colour change at the neutralization point and shows promising results when tested against available synthetic acid-base indicators such as methyl orange and phenolphthalein.

Conclusion: This natural indicators could be an excellent replacement for synthetic indicators since they are economical, easily available, non-toxic, easy to extract, ecofriendly and accurate in all types of acid-base titrations.

Keywords: Flower extract; Euphorbia milii; Natural indicator; Acid-base titration.