Vol. 5, Issue 2

Comparison of coverage and compliance of mass drug administration 2017 in urban & rural areas of Valsad district, Gujarat, India

Verma Anupam, Prasad Rachna*, Patel NB, Bansal RK

Department of Community Medicine, Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education & Research, Surat, Gujarat, India.

Context: Filariasis, an infectious tropical disease is a major public health problem in India but remains neglected. This study was conducted with an objective to evaluate and compare the coverage and compliance of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) and associated factors in Urban and Rural areas of Valsad district, Gujarat, India.
Methods and materials: This cross sectional study involved survey of Valsad district covering 128 household. A pretested questionnare was used to collect data regarding administration of Diethyl Carbamazine (DEC) & Albendazole (ALB) to eligible population as a part of routine MDA activity. The data was analysed using Epi info software.
Results: The coverage of anti-filarial drug was 94.81% in urban & 100% in rural. The compliance rate, the effective coverage rates were 100% and Coverage Compliance Gap was zero in rural areas of district which were better than those in urban area of district.
Conclusion: The effective coverage rate after taking into account the coverage and compliance was more than the target of 85 percent which is needed for eradication and elimination of Filariasis. The rural areas of district had 100% effective coverage rate than urban areas of district. More emphasis must be given on spot consumption of the drug.
Keywords: Filaria, Mass Drug Administration, Coverage & Compliance.